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AHERA and Hazardous Materials Management Services

ORION has been providing expert solutions to Hazardous Material Management for Governmental Agencies, Commercial Ventures, and Schools for over 30 years. Let us help your organization solve challenges encountered on capital projects and renovations in the most cost-effective way. Over the years ORION has been involved in AHERA School programs for most school districts in the State of Washington.


  • AHERA School Management Programs, Including Full Operations and Maintenance Development, Triennial Inspection, 6-Month Reinspection, and All AHERA Training disciplines.
  • “Good Faith” Asbestos Surveys.
  • HUD Lead Inspections and Lead Risk Health Assessments.
  • Demolition and Renovation Lead Inspections for Government, Commercial and Residential.
  • Hazardous Materials Building Inspections.
  • Third Party Air Monitoring.
  • Lead and Asbestos Clearance Sampling.
  • Development of Abatement Designs, Bid Specifications, and Closeout Specifications.
  • Development of Mold Remediation Protocols.
  • Building-Related Illnesses Assessments.
  • HVAC System Inspections.
Hazardous Materials Management Services

Project Oversight and Management Services

ORION’S Team has over 90 years of experience in project oversight and management. We have provided third-party air monitoring for a diversity of clients including the FAA, the VA, the EPA, several Federal Contractors, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Anchorage Pubic Schools, Seattle School District, The University of Washington, Boeing, and The City of Tacoma.

Lead Paint Surveying

As Tacoma’s need for affordable public housing has increased in the last several years, ORION has partnered with HUD to provide lead-based paint surveys to ensure residents have a safe living environment.

City of Tacoma
Historic Building Inspection Services

Asbestos and Lead Surveying

No “Good Faith”, Pre-Renovation, Pre-Demolition Asbestos or Lead Survey is too Large or too Small. ORION has preformed large and small surveys on tens of thousands of buildings in the Puget Sound Area and across the United States. We routinely work for Federal, State and Local government entities. Strive to be accurate, timely, and cost effective to keep your projects on track.

Health and Safety Training

At ORION, we are passionate when it comes to quality training. ORION strives to insure employees stay safe, meet regulatory compliance standards and are effective workers. We have been providing all AHERA training, Asbestos Abatement training, and health and safety training.

Orion Health and Safety Training Services

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